ACT WorkKeys Partner Spotlight

Job Profiler, Paul Connerty of KC Associates, LLC

When it comes to working with new or expanding businesses, job profiling has allowed Paul Connerty to get in at the ground level. Sometimes literally. “I profiled a construction company building a major manufacturing plant in our region, when the site was just dirt,” he says. “Then I profiled for the manufacturer. It’s fun to be a part of something from the very beginning and work as a partner, watching them succeed.”

Connerty is chief operating officer at his consulting company, KC Associates, LLC, based in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Job profiling consumes more than half of his workload because employers, the technical college system, and workforce development organizations support and value the ACT WorkKeys system—and spread the word to businesses looking to expand in South Carolina.

KC Associates conducts ACT WorkKeys job profiles for South Carolina employers in many industries, including manufacturing, construction, transportation, utilities, and customer service. Connerty’s long relationship with local and state workforce system has been instrumental in advancing the use of WorkKeys.

Connerty recently spent nearly two weeks at a European manufacturing plant, profiling several positions that are now open to job seekers in South Carolina, including production, team leaders, technicians, “basically any position involved in their manufacturing process.”

Business is good, as South Carolina (and the Charleston region in particular) has been a hotbed of growth. Unemployment in the Charleston area is low, recruiting for job openings is nonstop, and WorkKeys profiling is in high demand among employers.

Connerty enjoys the variety involved in job profiling, as he himself has been a “Jack-of-all-trades.” Before getting involved in job profiling through a workforce investment board, Connerty had jobs as varied as bricklaying, welding, and mechanical drafting. When a profiling project requires donning a hard hat, steel-toed shoes, gloves, and safety glasses, he’s right at home. “I carry PPEs (personal protective equipment) with me because oftentimes, the employer will want to take the profiler right out on a job site.”

Profiling is a lot of work, Connerty points out, “but it’s also a lot of fun. Not many jobs allow you to be in a ditch up to your ankles in mud one week, and the next you’re learning how a robot performs a sophisticated welding technique, or how a new GPS system improves the movement of cargo containers in a port terminal."

Connerty has a background in employment discrimination law and knows the importance of ensuring the fairness of a company’s selection practices. “An employer never wants to find out they’re using a test that does not meet the EEOC Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures,” he says. That’s why content validity is one topic Connerty emphasizes when describing the WorkKeys process. “WorkKeys job profiling and assessments sell themselves when you explain how they add value to an employer’s selection process.”

(Excerpt from November 2017 ACT Newsletter)

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