Coleman Glaze, Business Executive and former state and local WIB Chairman.

"An innovator in the workforce development industry, Paul led one of the top performing workforce board's in South Carolina.  He managed this high performing public sector agency as a "business", not a bureaucracy; the way every public sector organization should be managed."


  • Retired ACT WorkKeys Job Profiler
  • Workforce Development
  • Employer Engagement Strategies
  • Business Solutions
  • Performance Measurement
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Special Projects

Innovation and performance management...


Our professional staff includes ACT Authorized WorkKeys Job Profilers, nationally recognized leaders in the workforce development field, two of South Carolina's top performing workforce program managers, an MPA with over thirty years of public and private sector leadership experience recognized as an innovative workforce executive, and trainers specializing in every area of workforce development, safety, EO compliance and HR.

Leaders in Workforce development

We help you plan a comprehensive workforce development strategy and find the resources to plan and implement training to grow your workforce using readily available funding.

KC Associates, LLC, works collaboratively with PST, Inc. to provide quality application training, technical training, consulting and business skills workshops for the business, medical, school and military communities in the Southeast.

Employer engagement is a key to workforce development success.  KC Associates, LLC, is a recognized leader, developing successful strategies for effective employer engagement.

KC Associates, LLC, is one of the leading providers of ACT WorkKeys job profiling services in the US.  As a retired authorized ACT WorkKeys Job Profiler, we've profiled jobs in every industry sector in the US and, several jobs outside of the country.

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